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Sound Amplification
EV Speaker Through arrangements established with partner companies, P A'Court Lighting are pleased to offer a range of high quality sound system packages for every kind of event. From a single microphone for a meeting through to a full-blown rock & roll sound system for live bands, we doubt you will find better value. All systems are provided with experienced crew and operators to ensure your event has sparkling quality audio to every seat in the house. The smaller systems and some of the add-on items are available to dry-hire. Please enquire for an individual quotation for your event. EV Speaker
We supply only high quality state of the art equipment which which helps us to ensure the best possible sound quality is achieved for your event.
Standard Sound Systems
System 1. Small meeting (up to 20 people, spoken word only)
Qty 2, Tripod speaker stands
Qty 2, Compact (2 x 5") speakers (can be flown)
Qty 1, Shure Beta 58 microphone
Qty 1, Mic stand
Qty 1, Mixer/amp
As required - all cables
System 2. Medium meeting system (up to 100 people, voice and music)

Qty 2, Tripod speaker stands
Qty 2, Mid-size 200W speakers (12" + horn) can be flown
Qty 2, Microphones of choice
Qty 2, Mic stands
Qty 1, Soundcraft Mixer in flight case with CD player and cassette deck
Qty 1, 600W/ch Amplifier (C-Audio)
As required - all cables

System 3. Medium corporate event system (up to 500 people). Suitable for fashion shows, product launches etc.

Qty 4, Tripod speaker stands
Qty 4, Mid-size 200W speakers (12" + horn)
Qty 2, 400W subwoofers (15")
Qty 2, Microphones of choice
Qty 2, Mic stands
Qty 1, Soundcraft Mixer in flight case with digital effects
Qty 1, Dual CD player
Qty 1, Amplifier rack with 2 x 600W/ch amplifiers (C-Audio) and digital crossover
As required - all cables

System 4. Large music PA for medium-sized live music events up to 500 people

Qty 2, Main mid-top speakers (Community Sound 15" + 6" + horn)
Qty 2 Subwoofers (Community Sound 2 x 15")
Qty 1, Amplifier rack (QSC PLX Amplification) and crossover
Qty 1, Allen & Heath 16 channel mixing desk including digital effects
Qty 1, Outboard rack including 31 band graphic eq and compressor
Qty 1, 30m Multicore (16 sends, 4 stage returns)
Qty 2, Monitor wedges (Community 12" + horn)
As required - all cables

Add on Packs and Components
Monitor pack

Qty 3, Monitor wedges (12" + horn), dual angle 30/60 degrees
Qty 1, 600W/ch amplifier (C-Audio)
Qty 1, 2 x 31band graphic eq, or digital parametric/grahic eq
As required - all cables

Outdoor "Tannoy" system, for fetes, sports days etc. (Speech only)

Qty 4, Tall tripod stands
Qty 6, Waterproof re-entrant trumpet horns (18")
Qty 1, 150W Amplifier
Qty 1, Microphone
Qty 1, Floor or desk mic stand
As required - mains and speaker cables (up to 200m speaker cables)

Multicore Cables

30m, 7 way starquad cable and stagebox/tails
30m, extension for above
33m, 16 send, 4 returns (all XLR) on drum

Mixers Mixing Desk

Soundcraft Spirit Folio (6 mono, 2 stereo)
Soundcraft Spirit FX8 (8 mono, 4 stereo, Lexicon effects)
Soundcraft Spirit FX16 (16 mono, Lexicon effects)
Soundcraft LX7 (24 mono, 2 stereo)
Behringer 802 (4 mono, 2 stereo, very compact)

Radio Microphones

Individual Shure UHF handheld radio mic
Individual Shure UHF beltpack and tieclip/headset mic
Rack of 4, JTS UHF receivers with any combination of handheld/beltpack transmitters
Individual Shure VHF beltpack and tieclip/headset mic


Dual professional CD player
Sony Minidisc player
Single CD player
Single cassette deck


Behringer Composer (compressor/gate)
TC Electronic multi effects
Behringer 2 x 31 band graphic eq
Behringer Ultracurve (parametric/graphic eq and delay)
Behringer DCX2496 DSP speaker management unit


Shure SM58
Shure Beta 58A
Boundary mics for stage-edge use
Hanging Mini-shotgun condenser
Octava MK012 small diaphragm condenser
Behringer large diaphragm condensor
LD-Systems vocal condenser
Wired tieclip


2 x 50m mic cable on drum
6m and 10m mic cables (XLR)
5, 10, 15 and 20m speaker cables (speakon and XLR)

E: phil@pacourtlighting.com T: 07929 008845